The wines from the Estate and the Saint-Joseph Appellation

Our wines Silice, the Olivaie and the Sensonne. Three of the four red of the Estate. Three great wines to taste

Our range is made of six wines. Concerning the white wines, we have Silice and the Paradis Saint-Pierre. For the red wines, we have Silice as well, the Olivaie, the Paradis Saint-Pierre and the Sensonne.

Saint-Joseph spot, steeply hillsides. This great spot gave birth to the name of the Appellation.

In the granitic arena of the Saint-Joseph locality, “on a châlet of the Olivaie” or “in a corner of Paradise”, the same conviction has always driven the generations of Coursodon to produce rare and harmonious wines.

Mauves, the cradle of the Saint-Joseph Appellation since 1956.

Mauves: historical village of the Saint-Joseph Appellation

Once Called “Wine of Mauves”, the Appellation “contrôlée” Saint-Joseph was created in 1956. It is from the seventies that the Saint-Joseph proves its worth to the general public. This is partly owed to the British writer John Livingstone who also after having tasted the Coursodon wines became its unconditional ambassador both in his country and across the Atlantic. In Paris, well known places such as the famous Willy’s Wine Bar, by proposing the Coursodon wines to their customers, have at the same time contributed to the fame of the Saint-Joseph.