The work of the vine : a unique way to work the vine, a precise wine-ageing

Traditional “fencing” of the vines on extreme slopes of the Coursodon plots

On the steep slopes of Saint-Joseph, the work of the vine is work for only courageous men. During the vegetative rest of the vine, a reasoned contribution of organic soil conditioner constitutes the annual manure, necessary to the future season.

In winter, the vines are cut out in the form of goblets.

In spring, comes the time for disbudding, which consists of keeping only the most promising growths.

Mid-May is the time of the “fencing “of the vine. This working method is specific to vines planted on extreme slopes. The vine is attached on props with bulrush or straw.

At the same time the young branches are “epillonnés” to favour the ventilation and penetration of the light to the vine, which is necessary to photosynthesis, an essential work for the sanitary state of the young fruit. A useful and optimal leaf area is sought by “clipping using hand shears” giving the fruit the best possible chance to mature.


Syrah handmade harvest. The perfect grape that suits very well the granitic terroir specific of the Northern Rhone Valley.

At the beginning of ripening, called “green vintage” it is possible to refine the grape load. All is a question of balance between the vine stock and the sky.

The grape harvest, in September completes a long year of work of quality.

Gathered manually, the bunches of grapes are conveyed to the wine storehouses using shallow cases as not to damage the ripe fruit. A last sorting is carried out before pressing for the white wines and “vatting” for the red wines..