The Sensonne

La Sensonne is a full bodied wine aged in new oak respecting all the properties of the wines from the Estate. It is a delicate, pure and elegant wine.



GRAPE: 100 % Syrah (or Shiraz)

YIELDING: 34 hl/ha. Grapes coming from different parcels.

TERROIR: Very granitic, poor soil. Not too deep.

EXPOSURE: South on extreme slopes.

CULTIVATION: Viticulture work done by hand. Mechanization not possible. Treatments done on men’s back. High specific densityof plantation: 8500 plants/ha or (3400 plants / acre). Goblet pruning.

HARVEST: Selective harvest done by hand and full crop brought to our winery in wooden tubs of 40 kg.

VINIFICATION METHOD : Second sorting when arriving at the winery. The grapes are destemmed. Maceration and fermentation in open vats during 18 days punching the cap twice a day. Ageing in oak for 15 months, 100% of new oak.

TASTING NOTE: La Sensonne matches very well with intense aromas and smartness. The ripeness of the fruit, the spiciness and the oak are well accepted by this dense material. It is pleasure only.

WINE PAIRING: The Chef and the sommelier of the restaurant l’Oasis, in la Napoule (Alpes-Maritimes) propose to awake your papilla with “a pigeon in woodcock served with a toast of meat offals related to the foie gras, accompanied by one poêlée of mushrooms of wood”.