The Paradis Saint-Pierre myth

According to Robert Parker, for both 2009 and 2010 vintages, the Paradis Saint-Pierre red is a great wine.

"It is certainly one of the greatest wines that Coursodon Estate has ever made."

Robert Parker says that: "It is one of the finest and one of the most elegant Saint-Joseph he has ever tasted. This wine is distinguished and full of authenticity and puts forward the most beautiful Saint-Joseph terroirs”.

 “I consider this wine as the “Hermitage” of the Estate. Indeed, a few millions of years ago, the Hermitage, the steeply slopes of the Saint-Joseph plot and “le Paradis” plot in Mauves were as one. This was a long time before that the Rhône bounded the right bank with the Ardèche and the left bank with the Drôme. For many generations, men shape those hillsides so difficult to work. As wine-growers we need to play a part which consists in sublimating, showing and making people discover this great treasure that nature gave us, our terroir”.

Jérôme Coursodon.