Our plots


Registered under that name, this plot is dedicated to producing generous white wines. It is a quite large and deep land of clay. Perfect to produce both marsanne and roussanne grapes.


Registered under that name but commonly called “Dordouille”, we are in the town of Tournon. We produce there reds. However, there is a lot of clay which suits the whites very well. On the bottom of the plot, some pebbles can be found. That proves the presence of the Rhône some thousands of years ago. 

The plot les Cotes is exposed south and is situated in the village of Mauves. It is the rediscovered terroir!


It is the most southern terroir in Mauves. The plot is exposed south and gets a lot of sun. We rediscovered the terroir! Most of the vines had been forsaken a few decades ago. Recently, a land consolidation enabled us to put forward this terroir. This land will show all its great properties in the wines very soon.


Registered under the name “Saint-Epine” in the village of Saint-Jean de Muzols, the name of the plot is written “l’ Olivet” but from a commercial point of view we use the name L’OLIVAIE. We find there very crumbly granite with a south exposure. This plot benefits from the freshness from the Doux Valley which enables us to elaborate very elegant wines.


The little house of “Paradis” where men working in the vineyards used to put their tools.


Registered under the name Paradis but commercially called “Le Paradis Saint-Pierre”, this plot is situated above the village of Mauves. We can easily pick this plot out by the two little houses in the middle of the vines. This plot is exposed south, south-east. It is a very precocious terroir able to develop very rich and concentrated wines. Mainly granitic (which amounts to an acidic base) we can paradoxically also find there limestone chips.


This name is not registered. It is a name made up by the family that has been passed on from generations to generations. This plot gathers all the terroir above the village of Mauves and has given its name to the wine. It is a blend of our different plots of old vines. The Sensonne is aged in a more ambitious and demonstrative way.



It is the birthplace of the Appellation. From a geologic point of view the terroir looks like the Hermitage terroir a lot except that the Rhône separates them. This magical rounded shape hillside starts with an east exposure going south and closing slightly on the west side. More specifically our plot located south, south-east, benefits from a maximal amount of sunshine till sunset.