Our green policy

Marsanne grapes before blooming.

Contrary to some flat landscape, we are quite lucky to have a soil that does not undergo a big soil compaction.

First it can be explained because we cannot use machines in the vineyards therefore only men or horses are able to wander in the steep slopes.

Secondly, our granitic soils are decomposed granite or altered granite. This situation allows the soil to breathe better and at the same time the vines roots to sneak up deeply into the granite.

For more than one decade now, the work of the soil and the digging take more and more time in our agenda.

During winter time, we pick up the vine shoots and we burn them to maintain the sanitary state of the vineyards.

During winter time, we do the earthing up. This technique consists in raising up the land in the middle of the row in order to put it on the feet of the vines.

We use this method to clean up the soil, to protect the feet of the vines against frost and the strong temperatures drops.

All those works also allow to anticipate and to make the upcoming “débuttage” easier.

Work of the soil on the steep slopes: “the débuttage”.

When spring is around the corner, buds start to blossom and then a few weeks after we are able to see the upcoming grape.

It is time to think of: “the débuttage”. This method is opposed to the earthing up and consists in cleaning up the land which is around the foot of the vine so that there is no competition with the grass. As we like to do things right, to finish up this task, we need to dig up one more time to take off the last weed.

During all the vegetative season, regular controls in the vineyards are needed to maintain the right amount of grass. The grass should not compete too much with the vine. All those activities deeply depend on the weather and the amount of rain of the vintage.

Nothing is left to chance to achieve a meticulous work in the vineyards. It is a very demanding work that requires a great deal of availability. This allows us to react swiftly to the vintage hazards.