Coursodon Estate : the family of winemakers history, a know-how passed on from generations to generations

Antonin Coursodon,  is the founder of Coursodon fine wine Estate

At the end of the nineteenth century, Antonin and his father Jean-Auguste gave birth to the Coursodon Estate. In order to promote their product, Antonin became the ambassador of the Coursodon wines, taking part regularly in the already famous wine fairs of Tain-Tournon, as far back as 1930.

Gustave Coursodon, a genuine and noble wine-grower from the Northern Rhône Valley.

In the fifties Gustave, the son took over the family business. He started by selling his wine in Paris, sending the barrels by rail to cafés in the capital.At this point in time Gustave, who was a real character and a very talented man, took up a new challenge: to market his wine in bottles, making Gustave be seen as a pioneer.


Pierre Coursodon has always been convinced of the potential of the terroir from the Saint-Joseph wines

At the beginning of the seventies, his son Pierre, in his turn, comes and joins him in the family trade. Understanding that only real quality will ensure the future of the Coursodon wines, Pierre relocates the vines on the plots of slopes previously forsaken in order to make the vineyards easier to work. The amount of effort now required will ensure the quality and specificity of Coursodon wines.

Jérôme Coursodon is a meticulous and specialist wine-grower of the Saint-Joseph Appellation. He has brought fresh blood and a new vision in the process of making delicate and fine Northern Rhône Valley wines

Jerome represents the fifth generation of wine growers. He has taken his seat beside his father Pierre since 1998. By working at producing fine and elegant wines, Jerome puts his prints on his vineyards. He enjoys saying that: “It is the sum of small details that makes the difference”. If the Coursodon wines are almost impeccable today, this is  owed to the concern for always  doing the best, which has driven all the generations of Coursodon, from Jean-Auguste to Jerome today.