A word from the winemaker

Jérôme Coursodon, accomplished and devoted winemaker.

« As for me, making wine is a constant thinking. My tastes, my feelings, my impressions and my palate have evolved with time. Nowadays, I tend to produce generous, powerful and elegant wines. This might be due to the fact that I am now a father and I feel “wiser”. I feel like producing wine with more volume, more precision, aerial and enchanting wines to the detriment of more discreet wines.

I consider that my wines are pure, precise, straight and mineral. Wines with a soul and made with grapes with character.

I am a winemaker proud of his “terroir” and of his wines. I am passionate and I keep a stiff upper lip. Rigourness and frankness are very important to me”.

A word from the winemaker, Jérôme Coursodon.